Jan. 15th, 2011

A NEW 001.

Jan. 15th, 2011 04:44 pm
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Something I actually miss is using LJ. Like, I feel like I had a lot more fun/had stronger connections using LJ, ya know? So I think my mission this year is to use LJ much more often than I used to and possible wean myself away from Plurk. While it has its uses, I really do love having a blog like this!

There was a reason I got it lol. I could babble. And babble. And babble.

Plurk was useful. I was able to learn a bad side of me thanks to it, and now I'm working to fix it. But LJ was where I could seriously just... talk and talk, and talk. And babble and be bla bla bla!

So I think this is way to say, HERE I AM. I'M RESTARTING LJ. LETS DO IT. First thing I'll do is have a friends cut. Next thing I'll do is move my communities to a separate journal. I'm going to pay attention to you guys again. ♥

SO. Give me a little note about yourself here! Anything at all! Let me know about your life and what's up with it, and if you're curious, I'll tell you about mine. :]


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