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Okay, folks. Okay, folks. All you new friends I hope to be aquainted with. :D It's very nice to meet you. I do surveys and quizzes all the time so you'll figure out my personality quickly. Just in case, though, I'll tell you about meself, and everyone else can see if they know anything.

My name is Kathy but some familiar nicknames include Kitti, Celi, Hunny, and Momo. If you really want to know how I got these names, just tell me. XD I'm 17, my birthday is September 06th, and I'm a virgo + earth dragon. I'm actually quite a virgo, but not the organized type. o_O Don't ask. I am half korean, half american and...that's all I think for background.

I'll be going to South Korea this summer! I will take a billion pictures for you guys. :D Oh yeah, I'm not in high school anymore, I start college this fall. Scary, ne?

Stuff that I like? Anime/manga, music, video games. That's all I'll describe for now because this will take forever. Anime/manga-wise, my current top three are Ouran Host Club, Violinist of Hameln, and Bleach. There are very few series I HAVEN'T read by now, and I like most everything. If you want to talk about anime, I can talk about it FOREVER. So I'll stop here. XD

Music, I love techno/trance/electronica whatever you call it. I'm uber picky though, and I hate it because it makes finding music a pain in the dern. T_T I especially LOVE DDR music, the upbeat dancy ones. Now, it doesn't mean that's all I like. I love Rammstein, and T.A.T.U. and Bond! I also have a FOND LOVE FOR KPOP because that was what I started to listen to after BSB and Britney Spears stuff. XD But, I don't like Bi and BoA and se7en that much. I don't hate 'em but I like the older stuff (6th grade stuff). It's an acquired taste, I'm getting old. XD I mean Lee Jung Hyun, FinKl, KoYoTae, DJ DOC, YG Family, S#arp, Space A etc. etc.. XD

Video Games. Legend of Zelda pwns my soul. So does FFVII and FFIX. I also have a diehard obsession for the .hack series in general. .hack//roots is draining my brain (ok, this is anime, not a video game but GU is!) I also can do standard/heavy on DDR and I like to use Yuni character wise! My favorite songs to do are Dark Black Forest and Rhythm and Police. Oh, and The Shining Polaris too. Again, that's the type of music I like most. XD I've played many games but the game on my radar is Pump It Up and PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY OMG I SAW ONE COPY TODAY AND I COULDN'T BUY IT AFTER WEEKS AND WEEKS OF NOT FINDING IT. UWAAAAAH. T_____T

So there are a few of my interests. o.o Forgive me, I've never had an interest in the Harry Potter fandom so I won't be able to understand much of it. ._. And I'm a smiley abuser.

Now! I can't remember the exact meme but I think it'll be proper. Who can get the most comments today in this one entry? Whoever does will get some sort of prize. Whether it be a fanart, a fanfiction (not a long one though D:), or...anything else you can think of! This way I can get to know the new people and also, I can get more comments you people can rise in the rankings. ;D

Thank you for reading. Oh yeah!

I'll talk to anyone, I'm not picky at all. XD Just forgive me if you see smiley faces everywhere. (not the scary AIM/YIM smileys)

AIM: shinra cookie
YIM: Confuzzled_kitti
MSN: confuzzled_kitti@yahoo.com I think but I NEVER use it. ^^; If enough people want me to, I will. o.o
E-mail: confuzzled_kitti@yahoo.com
DeviantArt: http://confuzzles.deviantart.com

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Yes, I love to RP too. :D



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