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So this rp that I've been wanting to work with. I have more of a general idea of what I'm going to do. If I open earlier than December, I'll be surprised so I have a lot of time to think.

Syndicates mixed with a touch of fantasy. If there was a way I can toss in medievaly or victorian settings, I might add that in. It might be a bit too much. I want to keep a sense of modern magic though.

I haven't drawn the line as to how much fantasy would be allowed anyhow. Magical powers would have to be earned. There is an idea where a new set of magic mechanics would be made so that each character will be leaning towards one particular magic and will be able to learn skills from that. So characters who used to have powers and those who did not will all have equal chances to learn.

One thing is that it's not a complete YOU'RE STUCK HERE RP. There will be several "sets" of plotline. After one plot is done, the characters get to choose to go home. They will have options to come back which will benefit them if they do. So each plot lasts a few months, then a new set of players can come back or something. There WILL be incentives if they come back or if they stay. Maybe they lost someone and they're looking for them. Maybe a body part was stolen in the process of gaining powers. This part needs to be thought up a bit more.

No memory loss. Not really needed I think. I like OCs but that's a maybe.

So mob syndicates. Any mob bosses would more than likely be npc'd by a mod. Maybe three BIG families. They have each acquired magic to pull people from their worlds. Many of these other world people have awesome powers so the syndicate with the strongest characters end up wins control. However, they don't want THEIR power to be usurped. So they gotta be careful and limit them to gaining one power at a time.

(There's another option where the summoning magic is just crude or incomplete thus characters can only gain their powers...some other way. Will think more on this LATER.)

Each PLOT thingamajig will have a goal. Whoever reaches that goal or participates gets certain things. You get one power. You get a car. You get new clothes. You get a girl for the day. Things like that.

On top of this, there will be a good side or a revolutionary side I should say and they'll be trying to find a way to stop these families.

Because of the several plot methods, you can have several characters and not worry about burnout or things like that. You can get breaks and there's always a good excuse for them to not come back because they're always going home. Plots will obviously concentrate on different parts of the story (one mafia family, revolutionary, etc.). Maybe one plot a month? Two months? It will vary perhaps.

If you want to make a suggestion, I'm willing to listen! Questions are nice too cuz they make me THINK. Okie dokie, ilu.

Edit: Maybe we can integrate a tabletop/card system for it.
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I woke up to a freaky dream and I can't go back to sleep. Boo.

On another note, did get an rp idea. Whether I'll make this an rp or not...probably not rofl, but it would be fun?!

Your character is in search for something. Whatever world s/he is in, s/he discovers from a reliable source a way to get it. So s/he uses some method to get to this strange area. The character finds out that they can get whatever they want, but they have to earn it. How?

They just have to cut off something from an other person. It can range from part of a finger to an eye or an entire leg, but it has to be something that the person can feel. Part of a nail won't work, but a whole one will. Hair doesn't work, but part of the scalp does.

Of course, this is just the beginning. People will want their limbs back, and they will do whatever it takes to get it. And you can believe that they will have help to do so...

Things to edit if this idea ever goes through:
-The strange area. What does it look like?
-How do characters find out about the cutting of body parts to get what they want? (consider npc)
-What all can be cut off?
-For those who lose their limbs, can they get them back?
-If so, how?
-What are methods of revenge?
-If so, who will help them?
-Powers allowed y/n? (more than likely y)


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